Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Me and You

Dah lama gilaaaaa tak update. It's 2012 alreadyyyy. And our relationship dah setahun lebih rupanyaaa. Lama jugak. Even asyik gaduh gaduh gaduhhhh.
Jom flashback ! :)

Kita dah jarang keluar berdua jeee. Ade satu hari tu kita keluar just the two of us.
First skali kita ambik barang mak kat pekan. Org dok sibuk agkat brg dia bolih pulak snap-2.

Dah settle we went to Jusco, Kinta City nak mekan-2. At first kita pegy Stadium. Tapi, tade ape punnnn. Macam tak menarik sgt. Then masa nak naik parking, ade satu tempat kat Jusco yg dr first bukak kita nak pegy, tapi tak pegy-2 pun.

Thennn, makan timeeeeee. :)
Sebenarnya ade gambar stimboat jugak tp malas nak upload sbb asap jeh penuh :p

While waitingggg

Yours :)

Mine :)

Jalan-2 kejap (dah tembam)

Then suddenly teringat yg you hv some work to do. So kita pegy Old Town dekat blkg Jusco pulak.

Tgh buat kerja sekolah

Oh ya, masa kita dok melipak Yamin called. Dia ckp na dtg. Dia bwk adik kecik nie jugak and this is the first time kite jumpa adik kecik nieeee.

Min + FN

Dah habis buat kerjaaa :)

Okay baru teringat lepas hbs kat sini kita pegy karaoke pulak. It's a long day but it's worth it to be with the people I loved. That's all sbb skrg tgh penat gantuk semua. Kthxbye. :)

Monday, January 3, 2011


4th January 2011 Tuesday 

Pagi2 dah bangun SENDIRI. WOW, feelin' great, man!
Send my standard 4 bro's pegy skula at chepor then terusss pegy kelas. 1st day at class?
Nervous pun adeeee. Duduk kat belakang sekali. Hehehe. Nasib baik si Amirul Afiq tuuuu yg dtg lambat sit next to me. =)
But, now dah mula ngantuk. Zzzz. NAk balik tido but dah janji dgn adik nak pegy lunch and nak tggu si abg tu balik pulakkkk. Hehe.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Nak story sikit bout one of my adik. She is my classmate. We are not so close before. Just gurau2 sebab kami 4 madu :

Konon-kononnya kami isteri si dia nie haaa:

Itu jela pun yg sering kami gaduhkan. Hehe. I'm a bit segan with my adik niee sebab...tah la. mungkin life kitorg berbeza kot. Adik sgt baik. And me? Hurmmm... Start kitorg boleh keluar bersama dan rapat adalah masa I was walking back home and singgah kedai jap. Otw nak balik she offered me nak hantar. At first seriously sgt segannn. Aiyakk. Dia dah la kurus jeee... Nak bwk nek moto? hehe kelakar. =p
Then, dah hantar balik simbang jap depan ruma. Then, ada satu hari tuuu adik ajak lunch kat mcD. So, pegy la! Then, masa nak bayar agak terkejut la coz adik yg belanja. Hehe. naik segan dah time tuuu~
Pastu, mlm tu kot suppose ada dinner. Tapi, tak pegy so ajak adik gi jj jap beli tiket coz mlm tu nak tingok muvee dgn abg. hehe. Macam2 la we talk on that day. Banyak sgt. Sume cte. Mula malu nak jumpa adik dgn my condition at that time. But then, bila dah mula rapat, mcm2 cte. Macam dah kenal long long time ago. =)

*good listener and advisor
*loves camera
macam2 laaa....~ penat nak list. hehe!=)

Adik selalu jd org tgh antara kakak ngan abg. Sian adik. Hehe. Tapi adik sabar jeeee....=)
Sayang adik sgt sebab adik ta penah berkira and always there whenever I need her. Selalu buat adik risau. sgt bersalah kat adik. Soryyyy  yea?
Lepas nie, kakak tak wat merepek2 dahh. Kakak syg adik!=)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Family ( K&K)

Family means nobody get left behind or forgotten!
Family means everything to me.. I do love my family. I fuckin' love my family. They means everything to me. I can't live without 'em. =(

He is the LEADER. I loveeeeee him so much. My world means nothing without him. He thought me lots of things until I feel like he was a 'multipurpose guy'. He can do many things not like other man. He's good at almost every aspect in this life. I wish I could have a husband just like my dad. Good cook, good at machinery, can repair and fix anything, good 'house-husband' also! My dad always help doing house works such as cook, wash clothes, send my siblings to school, sewing, and many moooore. Whenever he is mad at me, he never yell at me. He always come to me and talk to me nicely. He is very sporting, cool, cuz I can share almost everything with him. I love my dad coz there's a lot of stupid things I've done. But, he still accept me and keep giving me advices so that I won't keep repeating the same things over and over again. The best part is, he always cover me whenever I did a wrong things. Hehehe. Cuz my mum.....aiyak!

Here comes the Queen! I love my mum! She's a tough woman. She's also is kinda 'multipurpose woman'. Good at cook, can sew, decorate, handling my family and much more. *tired of listing cuz too many things she could do*.
But, the most thing i do respect my mum is, she can adapt with a new things. For example, doing account. She learn by herself. Handling computer, doing Publisher which is until now me, myself and I still can't understand. Hehe. But, the worst part is, I always fight with my mum. I want to be like other girls who can go hang out, buy things together with their mum. I always dream to be like that. I love my mum but somehow sometime, I just can't share everything with her. =(

Aiyoooo this guy! One of my favorite person to find when there's a problem. Hehe. Both of us are close. Because whenever he did something bad, I was the one who'll cover him and vice versa. When I was kid, he always being bullied by me. I bite him, stab his back with a fork, and many moreee. Hehe. But, as I am the only sister he had at that time, so he did nothing coz he love me so much. =)
Now, we both has grown up. So, we act like one. We discuss almost everything, anytime he got a problem, he'll tell me. And I'll do the same things too. But, he is a kind of womanizer. Ooops! I can't even count how many girlfriend he had. =.=''
Plus, he is soooo garang. So gangster whoa. So, stay away from him. =)

My one and only sister I had. I really love her. She's cute and adorable, but TEMBAM bebenor. =p
I can count on her, all my secrets are safe with her. But, I always bully her. Hehe. She loves ccoking. She said she want to open a bakery. Yeahhhh! I'll help her! I want her to be successful in life. So that later I can eat cakes for free. =p
Usually during Hari Raya or any events, she'll bake. Haha I love her coz I won't die staying with her as she's fucking passionate in those cooking things. =)

My only grumpy brother ever. He is chubby and will always be the one who'll accompany me in my house especially when it comes to eating timeee. When I wanna go out, watch movie, at the middle of the night, he'll be the one that accompany me. =)
Ohh, he is the one also will go buy me a mineral water in anytime i asked him to. And will be the one yg ambik straw kat mana-mana kedai kitorg pegy even I didn't ask him to coz he know me well and he cares bout my needs. Hehe.

This little 'Stitch' always make all people in the house go crazy. Very good at talks. Seriously, like an adult when he talks. So smart until sometimes I feel like wanna stitch up his mouth! =)
He is the only kurus keding in my family but I call him 'gemuk' because of.... jealous maybe?

So I guess that's all about my family. Later on, I'll write moooore.
I love 'em. Can't live without 'em.